Become a Court Member

2013 Opening Ceremony current, past, & future Nisei Week court members.

2013 Opening Ceremony
Current, Past, & Future Nisei Week Court Members

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Nisei Week Queen candidate.  The Nisei Week
Queen and Court are chosen in August of the calendar year.  Prior to the Queen and Court’s
selection, each candidate must first win a local title. To better assist your consideration to run for
a local title to become a Nisei Week Queen Candidate, we have outlined some information you
will need to know about being a candidate, and ultimately part of the Nisei Week court.

As former court members themselves, the Nisei Week Queen and Court program committee is
excited to share this opportunity with you. We hope you consider taking part of this wonderful
tradition!  For more information, please contact


Age:  Candidate must be at least 19 years old on the day she submits an application to
her potential sponsoring organization, and not older than 25 years old on the day of the
coronation in August.

Citizenship:  Candidate must have been (A) born or naturalized in the United States or (B)
legally living in the United States as a permanent resident.

Nationality:  Candidate must be a minimum of fifty percent (50%) Japanese ancestry.
Candidate will supply supporting documentation, including parents’ names and birth
certificate, if requested.

Marital Status:  Candidate must not be married, divorced or separated, and must not have
children.  Candidate may be engaged to be married, but in the event that she is awarded a
Nisei Week title she must remain unmarried for the duration of her reign.
Conflicts of Interest:  Candidate, as a member of the Nisei Week Court, must not enroll
or participate in any other beauty or popularity contests from the date of submission of
the Nisei Week Queen Candidate Application and Profile (the “Application”) to the official
completion of the Nisei Week Court’s reign (Coronation Ball of the following year), without
the express written consent of the Nisei Week Foundation.

Eligibility:  Candidate’s Application must be sponsored by an organization recognized by
the Nisei Week Foundation (“Sponsor”).

Entry Fee: Each Sponsor must submit an entry fee of $500 with their Candidate’s
completed Application.