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Join our Nisei Week Court and Candidates

Become a part of the Nisei Week Queen and Court and immerse yourself in the unique culture of the historic Japanese American community in Southern California. The Nisei Week Queen and Court offers individuals the ability to create long lasting connections and gain wide exposure to global dignitaries and local industry leaders. There are opportunities to explore customary Japanese traditions including: the practice of a tea ceremony, cultural history, the art of odori dancing, Japanese song, arranging beautiful ikebana, attending a variety of community events and travel.

Candidates will have the opportunity to work closely with Queen’s Committee mentors to continue the development of their public speaking skills, posture, interview development skills, stage presence, appearance, etiquette, time management and keeping a pulse on community issues. These useful training sessions will guide candidates in preparation for the Coronation Ball in August, when candidates become the official Nisei Week Court. Please visit the calendar of events for specific Opening Ceremony and Coronation Ball dates.

The year-long reign will offer Nisei Week Court Members the opportunity to travel to a variety of sister cities to share their experience and meet future friends and supporters.

For more information about how to become a candidate, please email the Queen’s Committee at