2016 Choreographer

HanayagiRokufukumiPhoto2016Hanayagi Rokufukumi

The 2016 Nisei Week choreographer is Hanayagi Rokufukumi. Hanayagi Rokufukumi Sensei began her Nihon Buyo career at a very young age under the tutelage of the late Hanayagi Rokumiye. After many years of study, she received her Natori (rank and professional stage name).

Born and raised in Southern California, she traveled to Japan to live and study dance. She mastered the requisite techniques and earned her Shihan (teaching certificate) and Senmombu degree (specialty instructor’s degree) from Grand Master Hanayagi Jusuke III.

Upon her return to the U.S., she began teaching in the Los Angeles County area with the assistance of her mentor, the late Hanayagi Rokumiye. Together, they participated in the Nisei Week Japanese Festival events and performed at multiple venues throughout Southern California.

Shortly after Hanayagi Rokumiye’s passing, Hanayagi Rokumine Sensei provided Hanayagi Rokufukumi the opportunity to be the co-leader in the Nisei Week Parade. Together, they worked to promote the cultural heritage of the Hanayagi School of dance. This year, she is honored to serve as the choreographer and leader of the 2016 Nisei Week Japanese Festival Ondo.

The love of teaching and the enthusiasm generated by her students has allowed her to continue promoting traditional dance techniques and creative choreography infused with modern rhythms. Under her direction, Hanayagi Rokufukumi’s students continue to perform at many local community festivals, community events, professional venues, and nonprofit organization events. Presently, Hanayagi Rokufukumi continues to teach the Hanayagi-ryu style in Los Angeles and Orange counties.