Time Commitment

Training: Training to become a Nisei Week Queen Candidate is a 4-month commitment.  

√ There will be training practice at night at least once a week for four months typically beginning at the end of April through mid-August (coronation).

√ There will also be educational sessions an additional evening.

√ There will also be dance practices on an additional day/evening (typically on weekends).

√ Candidates will be offered cultural classes as part of the training – during the weekends.

√ Following Coronation, the Nisei Week court will spend the entire week at the DoubleTree Hotel (in Little Tokyo).


Court: Being a part of the Nisei Week court is a YEAR-LONG commitment.

√ Throughout the year, the Nisei Week Queen and Court will be invited to participate in


Events including, but not limited to:

• Annual Nisei Week visitation and trips
• Community service
• Community appearances
• Cultural events
• Nisei Week sponsor events